Healed of a softball sized tumor

All praise and glory to God! Chemo didn’t stop the growth of the tumor. I received prayers for healing and began radiation. The radiologist said he had never seen radiation work that fast!
Jesus healed me!
— Mansfield, Texas

Heart restored and arteries cleared

My heart stopped twice during the trip to the hospital. My family was told I only had 20% usage of my heart and I would not live long…My Pastor and family prayed over me and my heart was restored and arteries began to clear up. A Miracle!
— Arlington, Texas

Blood Clots in my lungs

Told not to even move. Blood clots filled my lungs. After prayers for healing, every blood clot gone.
— New mother, Houston, Texas


It was one of the worse weeks of my life, then God healed me when I asked for prayer for healing. Instantly I felt I was healed! God is good!!!
— Midlothian, Texas

Depression Lifted!

I was in a dark place with no hope after my husband died. After receiving prayer, God’s light came into my life and I feel renewed – like a new person.
— Ovilla, Texas

Couldn’t have a baby

...until my husband and I received prayer. I had 3 miscarriages, then after prayer for healing, my first child was born. Praise God!
— Arlington, Texas

Brain Aneurysm

The surgeon who was about to operate on me couldn’t find the aneurysm. He contacted the referring doctor who brought over the images from the day before. It was gone! I received prayers for healing the day before surgery and early in the morning before surgery. God healed me! No surgery was necessary!!
— Venus, Texas

Cancer of my bladder

Miraculously healed! With two boys depending on me my cancer was healed after receiving healing prayer and having a great doctor. I did not have to have treatment. Praise God!!!!
— Mansfield, Texas

Brain Tumor

Told my brain tumor was an aggressive cancer that would come back. I received daily prayers for healing and after 3 months, no cancer can be found.
— Arlington, Texas


I was given only 2 weeks to live – that was a year and a half ago. I received prayers for healing for 3 days. Many others prayed for healing. I could not walk and was told all my organs were shutting down. I weighed 60 pounds. Today, I weigh 115 lbs. and can walk with a walker and often without one…Praise God!!!
— Wichita, Kansas

Fever gone!

Given just hours to live my fever was 105. After prayer for healing, it broke and I left the hospital renewed.
— Houston, Texas

Addicted to Marijuana and pornography

...until I received prayer to break the chains that bound me. In just one session of prayer, my addictions were broken and after two years I am still free.
— Palmer, Texas

Stroke healed

Unable to move my left side, I was prayed over by Pastor Bill, Katy and Fred Tonn. Then God restored me! I now have full use of my body. Praise God!!!
— Houston, Texas


Why wasn’t your group around when I started ministry 50 years ago
— Former Director of World Missions, Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod