We are a Christian 501C(3) Ministry that prays for healing and wholeness and empowers others to do the same. Our founder, Rev. Dr. Bill Dasch Ed. D., M. Div., L.P.C., served in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod for 42 Years. He retired so he can devote full time to praying and teaching others to pray for healing 

We have a passion for laying on of hands and praying for people with serious illnesses in body, mind or spirit, in the name of Jesus!

Through it all, we share Jesus as our hope and joy. He is our salvation, Savior, confidant, our pearl of great price, our life. He is all we ever need. He is for us, not against us. He is our greatest healing and healer. All He has for us comes through the cross because of His love.

Our Vision

To see the healing ministry of  Jesus Reclaimed, Restored and Released in every church, home and individual.  We see a time when praying for healing and wholeness is a normal part of church ministry.  We dream of families laying hands on each other and praying.  We see healing the sick as an ordinary part of our lives.  We dream of raising up people and churches who will walk in God’s healing power and take healing to the world as He furthers His Kingdom.

Why wasn’t your group around when I started ministry 50 years ago
— Former Director of World Missions, Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

Our Beliefs

  • God loves us and desires healing in this broken world.
  • God uses believers to lay hands on others and pray for healing.
  • Praying for healing can be taught.
  • While a few have the gift of healing, all are called to pray for healing.
  • Every church is a healing center.
  • The greatest healing is our salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • The bible is the inspired Word of God and thus is our authority for action and beliefs.
  • Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world.