It's finally here!

If you have eagerly waited for something, you know the meaning of the words, “It’s finally here!” Hopefully it was a refund from the IRS or a package you had been waiting for.  For us at Bill Dasch Ministries, Inc., those words “It’s finally here” means that we have launched the healing prayer ministry God put on my heart 25 years ago.

I served as a pastor in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod for 42 years.  I loved being a pastor – preaching the gospel to hurting and lost people, administering the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion and praying for people.  In 2003, God put on my heart that I was going to move from Houston to Mansfield, Texas and then go full time into healing prayer ministry.

Well, it’s finally here!  After doing healing conferences in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota, Texas, Louisiana and praying for people, I now am able to pray for people and teach others how to pray -FULL-TIME! I am privileged to devote all my time – 7 days a week to sharing God’s love and power with others.  It is humbling to spend 6-8 hours a day with the Lord and be in prayer over serious ailments.

For example – Each day I pray for 2 men with stage 4 cancer, one in Texas and the other in California.  I have recently prayed for people in person who are paralyzed, have auto-immune diseases, leukemia, chronic crohn’s, bladder cancer, M.S., A.L.S., back issues, nerve damage, sight problems, broken bones, loss of a child, Parkinson’s, spiritual attacks, sleep disorders, bone growths, fevers, diverticulitis, marital problems, and heart problems.

It’s finally here! I pray that you will check out our website and join us in praying for healing and teaching others to pray for healing.  Imagine if every church in every town was a healing center. Imagine every home in every town was a home of prayer and healing. Imagine God saying, “It’s finally here.”  Each month, we’ll talk about how God can and is using each of us to bring His Kingdom to the hearts and lives of His people and to the world.  I pray you’ll join us in our excitement and mission – It’s finally here!


Rev. Dr. Bill Dasch