Phoenix is Hot!

The temperature was hot in Phoenix when we arrived February 17th to present “7 Days of Prayer- A Lifetime of Blessings”. Along with 2,000 other people, we attended Best Practices sponsored by Christ Church Lutheran, Phoenix. We also had a display table showcasing Bill Dasch Ministries.

What happened there was hotter than the weather! A fire was started that blazed through people’s hearts as they learned, relaxed, and networked with others of like mind. Our team was myself [Rev. Dr. Bill Dasch], Sheila Dasch, Grant and Michelle Dalton, Rev. Tim Perkins, and Jet Jones. Grant and Michelle excited people as they shared their healing testimony of being given 1% chance of survival and now learning all cancer was gone from his lungs and tumors in his liver had shrunk 70%. Pastor Tim, Jet Jones and myself prayed for everyone who stopped at our table and later after my talk on “7 Days of Prayer”. During our time at Phoenix, I was privileged to pray with our team members over 38 people, Phoenix was hot but God raised the temperature of His spirit through Bill Dasch Ministries.

For many for whom we prayed, it was the first time someone had prayed “like that” over them. One pastor said, “I pray a lot for others but no one prays for me.” Bill Dasch Ministries was your heart and hands bringing love, compassion, healing, and FIRE!

We had interest in booking workshops from San Francisco to the area around Chicago. One church in California is now working on getting us to churches around San Diego. Pray that the seeds planted will grow and produce great harvest.

Since then, it has been great to get back to Texas where God’s fire has been glowing a long time, and to pray over the many here. Who are we praying for?   

People who have breast cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, paralysis (2), Crohn’s, a failing marriage, kidney problems, pneumonia, head problems, eye problems, high blood pressure, a broken relationship, and more.

All this is possible because of your prayers and support! God is using all of us to touch lives with healing and love in Jesus Christ! Psalm 115.1 sums it up – “Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”

Phoenix was hot but, God’s people are hotter! God has started a blaze that will never burn out! Pray that with your support FIRE will be carried to the ends of the earth and God will be glorified. Let the fire fall!

Rev. Dr. Bill Dasch