Houston Hallelujah

It was Hallelujah Houston! on Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15. Seven of us with Bill Dasch Ministries traveled to St. Mark Lutheran, Houston, Texas to present the workshop – Reclaiming, Restoring, Releasing the Healing Ministry of Jesus. Over sixty participants were present at the workshop. The evaluations all ranked the workshop very high. Hallelujah!

The prayer team that went on this healing mission was Chuck and Susan Heather, David and Denise Miller, Don Gardener and Dr. Bill and Sheila Dasch. Chuck and Susan shared information about a “Prayer Train” and how it is foundational to a prayer ministry. David and Denise shared their experiences as prayer team members and what they had seen God do in others and them. Don Gardener shared his testimony of being healed of a brain aneurysm and how God used his healing to spur him on to being a man of prayer. Dr. Bill led the teaching sessions and Sheila met people and shared our materials with them.

The workshop ended at 2:00 p.m. but Bill Dasch Ministries stayed until 5 p.m. to pray for people from the workshop and those from the community who were unable to attend the workshop. Lives were changed as God touched people.

Our thanks to St. Mark Lutheran Church for hosting us and inviting Dr. Bill to also preach and teach on Sunday morning. Special thanks to the Sr. Pastor Tim Duerr and longtime prayer leaders, Fred and Katy Tonn. Also, thanks to Barbara and Walter Boone for hosting us as well. Just for your information, during May, Bill Dasch Ministries had an information table at the Texas District Theological Conference in Austin, May 2-3. Many people picked up material and indicated interest. We are going places! Hallelujah!!!

What’s next? God has opened doors for us in Southern California where we have received a grant to share this ministry with ten churches. We begin that series of healing workshops the end of July with a possibility of teaching in Mexico as well. Congregations can book a workshop online at our website www.billdasch.com. We are currently in conversation with other churches across the country. In the meantime please keep this one-of-a-kind ministry in your prayers.

Blessings,. Bill Dasch