California and Mexico Healing

California Healing

Bill Dasch Ministries traveled to California and Tijuana, Mexico July 30- August 1, 2016 to pray and teach others to pray for healing. Rev. Dr. Bill Dasch and Don Gardner taught and prayed at three locations.

Friday night, a workshop teaching people to pray was held at Peace Lutheran Church in San Diego. Located in a changing neighborhood, the church just received a new pastor, Regal Gonzales. We were honored to meet him and hear his vision of what he was praying God would do. We taught and prayed for about 17 people.

The next day, we did a workshop and prayed for people at Concordia Lutheran Church, Chula Vista. The pastor is Richard Schmidt who is leading a dynamic, growing church. Thirty-seven people attended.

The Holy Spirit showed up in an amazing way that day and the next day after each worship service. Many people were healed by God. Here are some of the healings:

  • A lady with bad painful knees and a swollen back was healed.
  • Two ladies with back pain and bad knees were healed and ran around the inside of the church
  • One lady who could hardly bend over, was healed and bent over and touched her toes for the first time in 20 years!
  • Another lady with a torn rotator cuff could hardly raise her arm was healed and raised her arm above her head praising Jesus.
  • Two people with eye problems regained distant vision and without glasses read off a sign 40 feet away.

Many others came up and received healing. It was an amazing Saturday and Sunday!


The movement of the Holy Spirit continued to be strong on Sunday as we drove to Tijuana, Mexico and taught and prayed for healing. Mexican pastors, lay workers and lay people met us at a church in Tijuana.

The Holy Spirit moved might on Don Gardener. As he prayed for people, they would start shaking, couldn’t move or speak.

I believe 90% of those who got prayed for by our ministry received some type of healing – shoulders, backs, legs, hips, and necks. It was a life changing experience for us and the participants.

Our thanks the LLC Sunshine Zone for providing a grant for these workshops. A deep thanks to all the fine people we met who welcomed us. Most of all our heartfelt thanks to Melissa Salomon who initiated and developed the opportunity for these workshops. Melissa also housed Don and myself (Pastor Bill) at her home. Melissa also works at Concordia Lutheran in Chula Vista and formerly headed up the Lutheran House Ministry in Mexico. In her spare time she helps the mission in Tijuana. Thank you Melissa!

Bill Dasch Ministries is a 501(c-3) non-profit ministry that prays and teaches others to pray for healing. If your church or group is interested in learning more about praying for healing, contact us on the website: or phone: 817-319-0129